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Termites Control


At OSPC, we utilize Nemesis Colony Elimination System® from Australia to eliminate these silent destroyers that could be residing in your property without you noticing. Whether you have a termite problem or just want to protect your place from possible invaders, we have the solutions for you.

Pest Control


With our 13 years of experiences, we have the solution to a broad range of pest that are prevalent in Malaysia:

  • Mites
  • Birds
  • Fleas
  • Weevils 
  • Beetles
  • Ants
  • Rats
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Bedbugs

Disinfection Solutions


Crucial with the recent rise of Covid-19, OSPC can disinfect your home, office and workplace with ULV misting service which targets both surfaces and inaccessible areas.

Anti-Bacterial Products​


In response of recent rise of Covid-19, we have produced a range of skin-friendly, non-toxic anti-bacterial products that helps to kill 99.9% germs & bacteria.

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Our expertise & advantage provided

  • 13 years experiences

ONE STOP PEST CONTROL (OSPC) is a Certified and Licensed company incorporated in 2007, we are able to very effectively help you control most pests using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

  • trusted by 20,854 clients
Yes, through the years, OSPC has solved various pest related problem to over 20,000 clients and counting. You can surely count on us when it comes to pest!
  • competitive pricing
When it comes to OSPC, we are confident that our pricing are highly competitive, without cutting any corners or impacting our quality.

We are ready to provide solution to you 6 days a week, with service available as late as 3A.M! No problem if you are only at home at the weekend, contact us, we’ll come to you.

  • Experienced & licensed technician

We have a dedicated customer service department that is available to you, and all of our technician are licensed & proffesional. Get your pest problem solved, as soon as possible.

  • latest chemical
At OSCP, we understand the frustration of having a pest problem , hence, we only use latest, most advanced pest control and cleaning materials in OSPC, to ensure your problem are solved effectively.

termite control

Subterranean termites are a group of highly destructive social insect pests that inhabit the urban environment, and the most common termite species in Malaysia. OSPC utilize an effective Termite Baiting System that are proven to be effectively solving any termite problems.

  • Has been used in Malaysia with proven effectiveness of more than five years.
  • Easy to install, Above Ground (AG) Stations will be used to control termites colony in the house.
  • No need to drill holes or pump chemicals, so there is no damage to the flooring.
  • Active ingredient act specifically on subterranean termites.
  • Effectively control the subterranean termites (Coptotermes sp) colony within 70 to 90 days from first feeding.


pest control

Are you currently facing the following pest problems?






And other pests such as mites, bedbugs, fleas, weevils, beetles, bird?

OSPC provide professional solution to all pest problems above:

1. Residue Spraying for General Pest Control ( Yearly Contract )

2. Mosquitoes Control (Thermal Fogging, ULV Misting, Larviciding)

3. Bed Bugs Control ( ULV misting )

4. Storage Pest – Weevils, Beetle and etc elimination. 


OSPC has designed an effective disinfection treatment which offers peace of mind to your home or workplace, known as OSPC Disinfection Solution. This is a surface sanitation treatment that can be introduced to your premises to safekeep you and the people you care about. When there are less microbes present, there is a reduced likelihood of cross-contamination.

OSPC utilize an unique formulation with a powerful composition has been proven to be highly effective against major strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi, including airborne and viral diseases such as Avian Influenza (H5N1), Foot & Mouth Disease, etc. The disinfectants used are safe and approved by many authorities worldwide.

Suitable for:








In response of recent rise of Covid-19, we have produced a range of skin-friendly, non-toxic anti-bacterial products that helps to kill 99.9% germs & bacteria.

Product Available

  1. Anti-microbial Hand Sanitizer: Alcohol-free hand sanitizer can be used as hand rub or solid surface cleaning agent. This product is neutraal pH and non-toxic. It is alcohol-free, non-flammable, no sharp odour and able to kill 99.9% of germs and other microorganisms includes COVID-19.
  2. Anti-microbial Liquid Hand Soap: The key feature of this liquid hand soap is its strong anti-bacterial properties that last up to 8 hours after use. Neutral pH with pleasant fragrance.
  3. Disinfectant Cleaning Agent: This high level disinfectant is based on a new technology that kill viruses and bacteria. It contains pH modifiers that neutralize ionic bonds of protein in viruses and the plant oil extract molecules that can penetrate to destroy the nucleic acid and dissolve the virus. It is an alochol and solvent-free, non-toxic product that is safe to use for disinfect all the hard surfaces in homes, hotels, etc

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